The Books

Are you in the mood for love and suspense … intrigue and energy? You can find all my books at Boroughs Publishing Group. And each can be downloaded to your Kindle or Nook, smartphone, tablet, iPhone, or computer. See where the story takes you…

The very latest news is that my newest book, Dangerous Devotion, released on August 10, 2014. Share the magic and download a copy today! The next latest news is that I’m now represented by Word|Link Literary Agency, who are working hard to bring my novel Gnaw to a bookstore, followed by a movie theater, near you. And don’t forget to pick up my novel The Genie Ignites … it was selected as a finalist in the 2013 Abalone Awards for “Outstanding Ethno-Cultural Romance.”

Do you have a question about the jinn, love, electrons, coyotes, or writing? Fill out the form below … and give a good blink to make sure it gets to me. ;)

Best Wishes,



  1. I’ve always loved genies since Barbara Eden and Robin Williams. But seriously, I read the excerpts and you are a very powerful writer. I’m going to check this out further.

  2. Glad you liked one of my posts Kellyann as I have now discovered your books! The Genie Ignites certainly looks like the sort of novel that I like to read. I have never read a book where the Genie is the main man and this intrigues me.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Tina. Yes, the jinn are on the move. I usually feature them in my books~ so if you find you like your heroes with charm, intrigue, romance, and some magic, that’s what you’ll get.

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