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Hard Bodies, Soft Hearts

Originally posted on Release Parties @ TRS:

Isn’t that what we look for in a good hero…even if he doesn’t show his soft side right away. It should take some coaxing. And that’s half the fun of the journey through a romance. Hard bodies, for sure, are what the jinn have.

Here’s a description you might like from the recent release of 101 Nights. This first installment in a five-part book series is called To Have and To Hold. Amani is checking out old genie boyfriend Sumer Rafsi:


A shadow crossed the stable threshold, and Sumer’s figure reassembled in the pale sunlight that filtered down through the heavy clouds above. None of the jinn could manifest as quickly now as they once did. On a cloudy day like this, without the  the sun’s solar rays, it was even slower.

Amani’s eyes flicked in annoyance over the…

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Judge Me

Do You Like What You See?

Do You Like What You See?

We’re taught to not  judge others. It’s rude. It’s arrogant. It’s…well…it’s judgmental. But we’ve also created a society of contests and competitions where we judge others in order to rank them. Jeez, when I put it like that, it all seems a little crazy. At the same time, there is a certain intrinsic benefit in evaluating the quality of the things we see everyday. Not everything is excellent or even mediocre.  Competitive standards help us to instigate excellence and motivate ourselves to be the best we can be.

Of course, when you’re a writer, submitting to the scrutiny of a contest is also one more way to flay the sensitive creative skin and expose the quivering viscera of ego beneath. Ah, but that’s okay. It’s an exercise in ego abandonment. Namaste!

I’m currently in the midst of such an exercise as my novel The Genie Ignites from Boroughs Publishing Group (and Boroughs’ graphic designer Betsy) is under consideration for the Judge a Book By Its Cover Awards in the Romantic Suspense category. This is really only about the cover, about what we see on the outside. Similar to the judging of something like America’s Next Top Model (pictured above), beauty is only skin deep. But that beauty was created by artists…whether cosmetic, fashion, or graphic. In the interest of creative excellence, I will submit to the judgment of others and ask that you click through the Romantic Suspense category here and vote for my genie….as you see fit…. I won’t judge you.

Best Wishes,

Hop Into Romance With Me

TRR logoThe Romance Reviews is a great online book review site where readers can learn about new romance titles and read fair and informative reviews. I’m there right now… just lounging around, waiting for you to stop by. From January 25th to January 29th, TRR is running their Romance Madness Hop. The idea is to have fun while learning about some excellent reads.  It’s easy.

  1. Just log in at TRR (simply done with your email address and a password)
  2. Check out the blogs listed
  3. Answer the question
  4. Win prizes

Each time you visit one blog, you automatically get 5 chances to win. I don’t know how they do it, but there’s some techno-cool software that keeps track of the blogs you already hit so you don’t have to….or maybe a genie is involved.

Speaking of genies (and I always do), the question that will link you to my blog has to do with the hero of my novel The Genie Ignites. And since you’ve all read this book (I sense nodding), it’ll be an easy win. Besides, you’ll want to read this first book in The Zubis Chronicles because Book Two will be released shortly. That’s right, The Genie Smolders is coming!

Go now and start hopping! I’ll see you over there.

Best Wishes,
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