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Next Week! Get Your Ties That Bind

Hi Everyone,

101NightsStarter_Ties That BindI’m very excited to report that Ties That Bind will be released next week by Boroughs Publishing Group. This is the third book in my 101 Nights Romantisodes, a series of romantic suspense stories about Amani and Jason. They’re newlyweds from two very different worlds. She’s a genie; he’s a scientist. Together, they have to figure out how to save her world and live in their own…a New Jersey suburban neighborhood, where local barbecues, nosy neighbors, and cul-de-sac relationships mix with international political intrigue. Please check it out! I’ve written the story so that you can jump right in with this episode to capture the thrills and chills. Or you can start now with the first two books, To Have and To Hold and Reluctant Rapture, and catch up to Amani’s and Jason’s adventures. I’ll keep you posted on the release date for Ties That Bind.

Thanks for tuning in, you guys!

Best Wishes,


Do You Still Love Your High School Crush?

My YA story, starting on page 103 of the January issue of BTS Book Reviews.

My YA story, starting on page 103 of the January issue of BTS Book Reviews.

WOVEN is my new YA short story that is published in the January issue of BTS Book Reviews magazine. When Maggie runs into her middle-school heart throb many years later, there’s just one question that concerns her: Does he remember me?

I think we all know that feeling. You want to believe that you’re unforgettable but, realistically, you also know that there is an army of your former classmates who you probably wouldn’t recognize if you had an open yearbook and a DNA kit. What are the chances that the kid you liked, liked you back? And what if you discover that, despite time and complications, a crush could morph into true love. Maggie has that chance. But she also has one of those major complications. The most major type of major…  Read Woven on page 103 of BTS Book Reviews magazine to find out if the threads of our lives can actually form a nice, cozy blanket for us when life is at its coldest.

I hope you enjoy the story and Happy New Year!


KellyAnn Zuzulo’s Book Spotlight

I’m cruising through the atmosphere on a blog tour with my genie, Zubis. I hope you all will hop on. xo

“Outstanding Ethno-Cultural Romance”


The Genie Ignites is a finalist in the Paranormal Category for Publishing Authors!

The Genie Ignites is a finalist in the Paranormal
Category for Published Authors!

The Genie Ignites, my paranormal romance novel about a genie named Zubis who loves a woman named Bethany, made the cut in the Abalone Awards. Woo-hoo! Can I get ‘HEY!’ Can I get a ‘HO!’ HEY-HO!!

I just got word today that my book, which is published by Boroughs Publishing Group, was ranked among the top three for my category, which was Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal. The Abalone Awards recognize “outstanding ethno-cultural romance.” While Zubis is a jinni and Bethany is a human, the cultural issue in The Genie Ignites is the divide between her Western world and his Eastern view, which is steeped in the legend, traditions, history, food, and lifestyle of the Middle East. But true love sees no color, sees no difference in how the heart loves. I’m so honored that my novel was selected. The winner will be announced at the Romance Writers of America (RWA) National Conference in July. It’s time to make a wish.

Go download your copy of The Genie Ignites. It is the first book in The Zubis Chronicles series. I think you’ll like it.

The second book, The Genie Smolders, is due out in May.

Best Wishes,


The  Genie Ignites on Amazon.

The Genie Ignites on Nook.

The Genie Ignites on  Kobo.

The Genie Ignites at All Romances eBooks.

Hot Words for Hot Guys

How does your hero feel?

How does your hero feel?

How hot is your hero? It’s all about how he’s described. A well-written romance will convey a protagonist who’s dependable, maybe a little unpredictable and dangerous, but definitely unforgettable.

Simple words are sometimes the best way to do that. Not all at once, mind you. But sprinkled throughout the encounters.

  • Hard
  • Steady
  • Intense
  • Strong
  • Experienced
  • Stoic…until she makes him laugh
  • Mischievous…more to describe something about him rather than him; e.g. mischievous twinkle in his azure eyes.
  • Intelligent

Think about the words that describe someone you admire…or who gets you all hot and bothered.

Now, check out some of the words you SHOULDN’T USE when describing your hero. Read the full post at The Pop Culture Divas.

 Best Wishes,
Kellyann Zuzulo
101 Nights coming next week from Boroughs Publishing Group

Modern Take on I Dream of Jeannie

101 Nights Start on March 16th, 2013!

101 Nights Start on March 16th, 2013!

Her name is Amani Zarin, not Jeannie, but she is a genie. The difference is that she’s independent, a reluctant roommate to Masters (that’s  Jason Masters), sometimes surly, and absolutely refuses to wear her hair in a high ponytail. 101 Nights is my new romance novel being delivered in a series of Romantisodes from Boroughs Publishing Group. Episode One, To Have and To Hold, will be released on March 16th. Please pick it up. Read it over. I think you’ll enjoy it.


For love or for science? When genie ambassador Amani Zarin reluctantly agrees to work with human scientist Jason Masters to save her homeland, she never factored in the force of magnetic attraction…or the heart.  The heat they generate could start a fire that will either bind them forever or incinerate their neighborhood and possibly their respective worlds.

Against a backdrop of conniving board members, hostile genies, and nosey suburban neighbors, Amani and Jason must navigate their loyalties and their own stubborn hearts to achieve wedded bliss…at least for 101 Nights.

Best Wishes,
In the meantime, pick up THE GENIE IGNITES for a heart bursting tale of cross-cultural love.

Love in the Afternoon

Escaping for some love in the afternoon is a nice thought for a free spirit without a job, school program, kids, or obligations. But why can’t we hard-working souls steal away for a little afternoon delight? The answer is: We can!


Kristen Stewart’s brand of love in the afternoon can get you into trouble. Download a romance instead.

And I don’t mean the kind of tryst that Kristen Stewart had with director Rupert Sanders. Stay out of trouble. My suggestion is to download some short romance stories to your ereaders. For cheaper than the cost of a cup of coffee, you can enter an idyllic romance replete with gorgeous locales, heart-thrumming emotion, and intoxicating characters. I download my shorts onto my Android phone. Size doesn’t matter. I’m still able to achieve reader satisfaction in small words loaded with passionate moments.

Download a quick tryst. Be voracious. Some major digital publishers already have a specified short romance line, like All Romance eBooks. The other majors, like Carina Press, Samhain Publishing, and Hatchette’s Forever Yours imprint make it a bit harder to find the novellas because they don’t break them down by length. Go directly to indie romance publisher websites, and search short stories or novellas. 


Size doesn’t matter with a download.

My romance publisher, Boroughs Publishing Group, is tailoring their shorter romances for lunchtime rendezvous. On September 14th, Boroughs launches their Lunchbox Romance line with three new short stories: Vertigo by Elisabeth Silvers, Some Like it Haute by Jillian Leigh and The Shop Girl and the Vampire by @First Sight Grand Prize winner, Ciar Cullen. 

And stay tuned. I’ll be submitting my own fictional liaisons for your afternoon delight.

Enjoy your trysts!

Best Wishes,

Kellyann Zuzulo

THE GENIE IGNITES now available!

Love is in the Air at Boroughs Publishing Group


Love is in the air at Boroughs Publishing Group

The romance fiction industry has a rival for its affections.

Boroughs Publishing Group offers some heart-captivating romances that throb with the best of them. In the interest of full disclosure, I will tell you that Boroughs is my publisher. But that is advocacy as much as admission. I like what they do.  I think you will, too. Spring is here and love is in the air.  See what’s happening at Boroughs and meet a surprise guest at their very romantic blog….

Best Wishes,

Researching Love at the Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving loveI’m hosting Thanksgiving this year at my house.  It’s a wonderful lot of work and a great opportunity to get a bunch of people you know fairly well into one room together.  Besides the whole warm, camaraderie thing (and the drama of family dysfunction where appropriate–though mostly inappropriate), here’s a chance for a writer to plumb feelings of love and connectedness. That’s what I blog about for The Pop Culture Divas.  Go on over there and check it out.  See if you agree, and if you, too, are going to gaze.  (That’s gaze and not glaze, as in ham.  Though I’ll be doing that, too.)

Best Wishes,

Wish Mistress coming this February from Sapphire Blue Publishing


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