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Do You Still Love Your High School Crush?

My YA story, starting on page 103 of the January issue of BTS Book Reviews.

My YA story, starting on page 103 of the January issue of BTS Book Reviews.

WOVEN is my new YA short story that is published in the January issue of BTS Book Reviews magazine. When Maggie runs into her middle-school heart throb many years later, there’s just one question that concerns her: Does he remember me?

I think we all know that feeling. You want to believe that you’re unforgettable but, realistically, you also know that there is an army of your former classmates who you probably wouldn’t recognize if you had an open yearbook and a DNA kit. What are the chances that the kid you liked, liked you back? And what if you discover that, despite time and complications, a crush could morph into true love. Maggie has that chance. But she also has one of those major complications. The most major type of major…  Read Woven on page 103 of BTS Book Reviews magazine to find out if the threads of our lives can actually form a nice, cozy blanket for us when life is at its coldest.

I hope you enjoy the story and Happy New Year!


Give the Gift of Magic this Year

Pick up your copy from Amazon for $2.99 or make it a gift of magic to a friend.

Pick up your copy from Amazon for $2.99 or make it a gift of magic for a friend.

Hi, everyone! I hope you’re having a delightful December. I’m pleased to announce that my short story, The Christmas Bottle, has been included in two anthologies for the holiday season from Boroughs Publishing Group. The Gift of Magic is a four-story compilation of romantic tales. Mine, of course, includes a genie. The genie’s name is Shai and he is Lola Baz Lopez’s only chance for  happy holidays and, more importantly, for love. But it will mean extricating herself from a dark and damaged marriage.

The story also appears in a 10-tale compilation at All Romance eBooks called A Boroughs Christmas. Check out that cover. Who doesn’t love a cute kitty? Actually, I think little Meow Mix there is too shy to see how well Lola and her genie are getting along. ;)

Best Wishes,

Kellyann Zuzulo

A Reason to Read 101 Nights…

A Readers Review Blog delves deep into 101 Nights and has this to say about Reluctant Rapture, the second book in my paranormal romantic suspense series. Have a look…

When You’re Crazy For Books…

I am! I love writing them and reading them. My blog tour continues, which is a great chance to meet readers as well as to pick up some new titles to read. Today, I’m at ‘Crazy Four Books‘. Please join me. But before you go, let me know you’ve been by. Anyone who leaves a comment here at my blog will get a free copy of To Have and To Hold, a romantic suspense that is like an edgier I Dream of Jeannie. I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it.

~Best Wishes,


What Librarians Read

Library Journal imageYou know that feeling you get when a big box wrapped in shiny paper with a perfectly curled ribbon is placed in front of you…. I got that feeling when I heard that The Genie Smolders was being reviewed in Library Journal. For those of you who don’t know, Library Journal is a trade publication for librarians with a circulation of 100,000. The so what — besides the fact that the Journal was founded in 1875 by the same guy who invented the Dewey Decimal System — is that most librarians read this journal. These are the people who make the decisions about the books that go into the library. Okay, so people borrow books from libraries, not buy them. But the librarians have to buy some copies to make them available. And, you know what, who cares who buys what…it is just so cool.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had a nearly reverential respect for all librarians. They know things. They have access to nearly limitless stores of knowledge and they access it on a regular basis. Cool. Anyway, here’s what a librarian thought of my book….  (I’m all aflutter as I unwrap that package….)

Zuzulo, Kellyann. The Genie Smolders. Boroughs Pub. (Zubis Chronicles, Bk. 2). Jul. 2013. 208p. ebk. ISBN 9781938876158. $3.99. ETHNOCULTURAL, PARANORMAL ROMANCE
This second installment in the “Zubis Chronicles” (after The Genie Ignites) continues the story of the forbidden love between Zubis, a jinni or genie, and Bethany O’Brien, a human woman who is the reincarnation of a priestess from the time of Solomon. Zubis has loved Bethany for 3,000 years, and Bethany has recently given birth to Zubis’s daughter, Fia. Malevolent forces have conspired to keep them apart by kidnapping Fia in order to force Zubis to help the evil jinni Iblis—also known as “Shaitan” or Satan—to conquer the world. A varied cast of human and jinni plotters take advantage of Zubis’s further vulnerability: he is in thrall to an Arabian family because he owes them the third of three wishes.

Verdict Unexpected angelic help and the power of sexual healing add layers of interest, while well-crafted romantic interludes and the use of Arabic phrases and locales lend authenticity and depth. The complex plot and multiple characters would make reading the first book in the series essential for most readers.—Henry Bankhead, Los Gatos Lib., CA.

If you’ve lost your library card, you can download The Genie Smolders today…

Best Wishes,

The Genie in USA Today

usa-today-logoThe Genie Smolders, my new novel, is featured in USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog. The article lists paranormal, steampunk, and sci-fi romance titles that are newly released. The Genie Smolders, the second book in The Zubis Chronicles is listed in the same section as Heather Graham’s new one Deep Midnight. Now that’s a dream come true. I’m a longtime fan of Heather’s books and have met her several times at ThrillerFest and at romance conferences. She’s probably the nicest author I’ve ever come across and she’s likely the most prolific, with around 200 books written. That is, if we don’t count James Patterson. But he uses the “factory approach,” with lots of little writing elves helping him to crank out books. As far as I know, Heather Graham writes all of her own books.

Anyway, that’s my brush with celebrity for today and wanted to share.

Best Wishes,

Download your copy of The Genie Smolders from Boroughs Publishing Group.

Please read it and leave a little review if you like it.
It’s currently available at AllRomance, Amazon for Kindle download, and at Smashwords, with more ebookstores being added.

Press Tour for a Genie

Zubis the genie is on a press tour in the desert to promote the release of The Genie Smolders, coming July 1. Today, he was interviewed for Supernatural Snark.
Morocco chairs in desert, J cummings photo tourI’m excited today to introduce author Kellyann Zuzulo and her adult paranormal romance, The Genie Ignites, with a behind the scenes interview with the genie himself, Zubis. The Genie Ignites is a finalist in the Abalone Awards for “Outstanding Ethno-Cultural Romance” so I’m thrilled to give you guys a little inside look at this one, I hope you enjoy!

Our reporter caught up to Zubis via satellite in the desert, in a section known as the Empty Quarter or Rub-al-Khali, an area notorious for genie activity. It is the legendary portal to the world of Jinnistan. He appears quite comfortable sitting on a folding canvas chair in a steel-gray linen tunic, open at the neck, and pair of loose, white, gauzy trousers. [In this reporter’s objective opinion, he is devastatingly handsome.]

Reporter: Is it hot there at the edge of the Rub-al-Khali in Saudi Arabia, Mr. Zubis?

 [eyebrow goes up] Just Zubis, please. Yes, it can be quite hot. Especially when the lovely Bethany O’Brien stands close.

R: What are you doing in the desert, Zubis?

Z: [appears solemn, though those curlicue glyphs, barely covered by a fall of dense black hair along his brow, have begun to glow.] I await the arrival of Bethany. Only she can liberate me from my 3,000 years of bondage. I was condemned in the time of Solomon and have waited 3,000 years for her to return…. [a glint returns to his golden eyes.]

R: Eh…return? How old is she exactly?

Z: Well, in this incarnation, she is a delectable 32 years old. But her heart first belonged to me when she roamed the earth as the Asima Uruk in the time of Solomon.

R: So what happened to her?

Z: [The rugged lines across his brow deepen with concern.] She died. I was cursed and could not save her.

R: Wow. That’s sad. Now what?

Z: She will come. I will remind her of what we once had and she will be mine again. [He brings his fingers to his lips and his gaze is distant for a moment.]

R: Sounds pretty straightforward. What’s the hold-up?

Ouch! Was that an electrical shock that you just shot at me?!

Z: Hold-up? [He rises to his feet. He is quite large.] …………….READ THE REST OF THE INTERVIEW HERE.

And check in with Boroughs Publishing Company next week as The Zubis Chronicles continue with THE GENIE SMOLDERS.

Best Wishes,

A House of Jinn in Syria

A massive avenue in Palmyra, Syria

A massive avenue in Palmyra, Syria

As I do my research into what is known about the realm of the jinn, I’m always on the lookout for archaeolgical links to places that may have a mysterious history; locations whose lore or legends lend themselves to jinn occupation. Mazraat Beit Jinn in the foothills of Mount Hermon is such a place. Translated from Arabic, Mazraat Beit Jinn means Farm in the Jinn House. There is a nearby town simply called Beit Jinn, which means House of the Jinn. Why? Why would residents of long ago give such a name to this windswept, sparsely populated desert outpost? Were the jinn here? There’s no answer now. Beit Jinn is a small village among a cluster of small villages southwest of Damascus having a total population of just over 2,000 souls. At one time, however, it sat along the route of the Silk Road. Once it was vibrant. Once, it might have hosted the jinn.

Beit Jinn translates as House of Jinn

Beit Jinn translates as House of Jinn

Not far from Beit Jinn, northeast of Damascus, lies Palmyra. And here, there are more remnants that lore credits to the handiwork of the jinn. Although located in the arid center of a desert, Palmyra employed a system of elaborate dams and cisterns 2,000 years ago to bring water to more than 100,00 inhabitants. A pretty big feat. Unless you have some jinn working for you. And here’s some literary evidence to support that theory:

“Rise up and go into the world to release it from error and send word to the Jinn and I will give them leave to build Tadmur with hewn stones and columns.” ~God said to Solomon according to the pre-Islamic Arab poet Nabigha al Dhubyain.

Tadmur is the Arabic name for Palmyra.

Here’s my theory. The jinn were active in the desert thousands of years ago. They claimed it as their own. They helped humans to build magnificent cities to provide respite from the heat. They didn’t care that conditions could be harsh and inhospitable. They were the jinn: great engineers. They tapped into the wadi, reservoirs of water beneath the sand; they erected cool marble halls; they brought elegance and civility to the desert. They worked with humans, but humans became more numerous. When Solomon was given control of the jinn nearly three thousand years ago, the game changed. They built his temple (there are allusions to this in the Christian Bible) and some other cities (Petra and Meda’in Salah among them). Here, we get back to Beit Jinn. While the jinn moved about from such locations as Palmyra in the north to Petra in the south, they would have resided at towns along the way. Towns that would forever bear the memory with such names as Beit Jinn and Mazraat Beit Jinn. But the jinn were seen increasingly as a threat. They were no longer needed. They withdrew. Where are they now?

You can certainly find them in my novels. Check out The Genie Ignites and 101 Nights for some fictional insight on what the realm of the jinn might be like. Sadly, to travel to Syria now is to risk getting caught in the civil strife there. News accounts report that the ancient citadel of Palmyra and those in Aleppo have been damaged by mortar fire. Hopefully, a resolution will soon be found so that this wonderful history isn’t lost forever.

Get The Genie Ignites on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Kobo. Smashwords. Diesel. Apple iBooks.

Get To Have and To Hold of the 101 Nights series on Amazon. Barnes & Noble. Kobo. Smashwords. Diesel. Apple iBooks.

Best Wishes,


101 Nights Off to A Great Start

Book Nerds Anonymous gives To Have and To Hold four out of five nerds.

“refreshing” “inventive” “great lead characters”

Review – To Have and to Hold (101 Nights) by Kellyann Zuzulo.

Jersey Hasn’t Seen A Wife Like This

Reluctant Rapture is book two in the 101 Nights series. Get it today for $1.99.

Reluctant Rapture is book two in the 101 Nights series. Get it today for $1.99.

Amani Zarin is a real genie housewife and the star of 101 Nights from Boroughs Publishing Group. She’s relocated from Jinnistan to Jersey to figure out a way to save her homeland. After a sensual wedding night, she  settles into a suburban life of swinging neighbors, wandering deer, afternoon champagne cocktails, an angry genie ex, and a scientist husband who monitors her every move.  Can she last for 101 Nights or will she bring down the house with a flick of a fiery finger? Reluctant Rapture is the second book in the 101 Nights romance series. The first book is To Have and To Hold. Each book is only $1.99 from Boroughs Publishing Company.

Best Wishes,

Kellyann Zuzulo


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