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Bestseller on Sale for .99 …Honors Earth Day

Earth-in-HandsAll Romance eBooks has books on sale for 50% off the cover price. This is a great deal to honor Earth Day. Meanwhile, I thought this was a wonderful idea because ebooks–and especially ebooks on sale–mean NO DEAD TREES. So, I figured I’d post my books, which are also on sale, just as a public service. ;) In doing so, I discovered that a couple of my books are BESTSELLERS at All Romance eBooks bookstore!  How exciting is that? As exciting as a genie on a shag carpet that really flies.

Check out the sale! And pick up your copy of the BESTSELLER To Have and To Hold, the book that starts the 101 Nights series. …And save a tree.

Best Wishes,

Next Week! Get Your Ties That Bind

Hi Everyone,

101NightsStarter_Ties That BindI’m very excited to report that Ties That Bind will be released next week by Boroughs Publishing Group. This is the third book in my 101 Nights Romantisodes, a series of romantic suspense stories about Amani and Jason. They’re newlyweds from two very different worlds. She’s a genie; he’s a scientist. Together, they have to figure out how to save her world and live in their own…a New Jersey suburban neighborhood, where local barbecues, nosy neighbors, and cul-de-sac relationships mix with international political intrigue. Please check it out! I’ve written the story so that you can jump right in with this episode to capture the thrills and chills. Or you can start now with the first two books, To Have and To Hold and Reluctant Rapture, and catch up to Amani’s and Jason’s adventures. I’ll keep you posted on the release date for Ties That Bind.

Thanks for tuning in, you guys!

Best Wishes,


There’s that Genie Again….

GenieSmolders_smallLibrary Journal wrote that The Genie Smolders has “authenticity and depth.” Find out for yourself. You can download the novel today to your ereader.

GS reviews on Amazon

Meanwhile, Zubis is appearing in multiple social media sites this weekend. He must have had a booster shot. Catch a ride with him.

Thanks for reading!

I’m working on the next book in the 101 Nights series.

Best wishes,


A Reason to Read 101 Nights…

A Readers Review Blog delves deep into 101 Nights and has this to say about Reluctant Rapture, the second book in my paranormal romantic suspense series. Have a look…

When You’re Crazy For Books…

I am! I love writing them and reading them. My blog tour continues, which is a great chance to meet readers as well as to pick up some new titles to read. Today, I’m at ‘Crazy Four Books‘. Please join me. But before you go, let me know you’ve been by. Anyone who leaves a comment here at my blog will get a free copy of To Have and To Hold, a romantic suspense that is like an edgier I Dream of Jeannie. I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it.

~Best Wishes,


Come Tour With Me…Win Books!

I’m in the middle of a blog tour for my romance suspense novel, The Genie Smolders. Check it out to sign up for the chance to win free books! Plus, you’ll get lots of free information about the real life of the jinn…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Best Wishes,

A Most Unusual Woman by Ciar Cullen

Originally posted on STEAMED!:

Today we welcome author Ciar Cullen, as we celebrate the release of Lillian Holmes & the Leaping Man.


A Most Unusual Woman

by Ciar Cullen

My heroine, Lillian Holmes, was 24 in 1899. Certainly there were worse times to be a woman, and worse circumstances to being an heiress. It was a time of significant change for women, as some of means were going to college, becoming physicians, leading more independent lives. Still, the Victorian claws didn’t unclench easily. One magazine, The Ladies’ World, advised how easily it was for a woman to appear vulgar. Shaking hands with men, unless as a hostess at a party, was verboten. A woman’s voice was not to be high-pitched or shrill, her jewelry was to be modest, and she was not to dress above her means.

This would have been an issue for my Lillian, who liked to dress in boys’ clothing…

View original 521 more words

KellyAnn Zuzulo’s Book Spotlight

I’m cruising through the atmosphere on a blog tour with my genie, Zubis. I hope you all will hop on. xo

Romance Book Giveaway!

The Smardy Pants book blog is offering three free copies of To Have and To Hold, the first book in the 101 Nights series from Boroughs Publishing Group.  Smardy Pants is a really fun blog that describes itself as “Obsessed with Rock Stars, Bad Boys, and all Things Paranormal.” Lots of freebies and great reading suggestions. Check it out and enter to win a giveaway of my book….explore love, lust, and lies in the New Jersey suburbs as genie Amani Zarin settles into domestic life with her new scientist husband. Something’s going to explode! [click on the pic to enter giveaway]

Smardy Pants blog

The Genie in USA Today

usa-today-logoThe Genie Smolders, my new novel, is featured in USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog. The article lists paranormal, steampunk, and sci-fi romance titles that are newly released. The Genie Smolders, the second book in The Zubis Chronicles is listed in the same section as Heather Graham’s new one Deep Midnight. Now that’s a dream come true. I’m a longtime fan of Heather’s books and have met her several times at ThrillerFest and at romance conferences. She’s probably the nicest author I’ve ever come across and she’s likely the most prolific, with around 200 books written. That is, if we don’t count James Patterson. But he uses the “factory approach,” with lots of little writing elves helping him to crank out books. As far as I know, Heather Graham writes all of her own books.

Anyway, that’s my brush with celebrity for today and wanted to share.

Best Wishes,

Download your copy of The Genie Smolders from Boroughs Publishing Group.

Please read it and leave a little review if you like it.
It’s currently available at AllRomance, Amazon for Kindle download, and at Smashwords, with more ebookstores being added.


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