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Modern Take on I Dream of Jeannie

101 Nights Start on March 16th, 2013!

101 Nights Start on March 16th, 2013!

Her name is Amani Zarin, not Jeannie, but she is a genie. The difference is that she’s independent, a reluctant roommate to Masters (that’s  Jason Masters), sometimes surly, and absolutely refuses to wear her hair in a high ponytail. 101 Nights is my new romance novel being delivered in a series of Romantisodes from Boroughs Publishing Group. Episode One, To Have and To Hold, will be released on March 16th. Please pick it up. Read it over. I think you’ll enjoy it.


For love or for science? When genie ambassador Amani Zarin reluctantly agrees to work with human scientist Jason Masters to save her homeland, she never factored in the force of magnetic attraction…or the heart.  The heat they generate could start a fire that will either bind them forever or incinerate their neighborhood and possibly their respective worlds.

Against a backdrop of conniving board members, hostile genies, and nosey suburban neighbors, Amani and Jason must navigate their loyalties and their own stubborn hearts to achieve wedded bliss…at least for 101 Nights.

Best Wishes,
In the meantime, pick up THE GENIE IGNITES for a heart bursting tale of cross-cultural love.

News Report Clarifies that Seizures Not Caused by Genies

Physicians at Saudi Arabia’s King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center discuss the causes of epilepsy, which do not include the jinn. ~Arab News

During my research into the jinn, I frequently come across news reports that address the existence of genies.  Let’s not forget that Muslims believe that the jinn are real, created by God, much as Christians might believe angels are real. Nevertheless, they don’t generally accept that humans and jinn interact. That’s why my books are fiction. I imagine a world where the two might collide.

So, here’s an interesting account in Arab News where physicians at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center in Saudi Arabia are promoting their work to treat epilepsy. Part of their message is to clarify that jinn have nothing to do with the seizures of epilepsy.

“We treat all kinds of epilepsy patients at the King Faisal Epilepsy Treatment Center. We have a comprehensive epilepsy program, consisting of epilogists, doctors, nurses, surgeons, psychiatrists, neurologists,” said Dr. Al-Said.
KFSHRC is one of the excellent centers in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East that receives patients from around the Kingdom.
“We proceed with the treatment according to the needs of the patient. We treat him medically or surgically, and we observe or monitor the patient with long-term monitoring instruments to find out the main cause under the observation of experts,” he explained.
He also explained that many people related epilepsy with supernatural things and acts of jinns. However, epilepsy is a neurological condition that affects the nervous system. Epilepsy is also known as seizure disorder, similar to seizures not caused by known medical conditions, like alcohol withdrawal or extremely low blood sugar.”

Read the full article by clicking on this link.

I think I should get a bumper sticker that says, DON’T BLAME THE JINN

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Kellyann Zuzulo

Read THE GENIE IGNITES for spasms of suspense and pleasure.


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