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kellyann zuzulo, kf zuzulo, genie, jimmzubis, kellyann zuzulo, genie ignitesI’m conjuring genies. Research and imagination are magic. And with those two ingredients, I’ve summoned Zubis.

The Genie Ignites: Book One of the Zubis Chronicles, is my new paranormal romance from Boroughs Publishing Group.

Zubis is the enigmatic and compelling hero of this book, but Bethany O’Brien has some heroics of her own. He will do anything to reignite the love he once shared with Bethany.

What would you do for love? Stay tuned for Book Two…THE GENIE SMOLDERS, appearing later this year.

3 thoughts on “The Books

  1. I’ve always loved genies since Barbara Eden and Robin Williams. But seriously, I read the excerpts and you are a very powerful writer. I’m going to check this out further.

  2. Glad you liked one of my posts Kellyann as I have now discovered your books! The Genie Ignites certainly looks like the sort of novel that I like to read. I have never read a book where the Genie is the main man and this intrigues me.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Tina. Yes, the jinn are on the move. I usually feature them in my books~ so if you find you like your heroes with charm, intrigue, romance, and some magic, that’s what you’ll get.

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