Alex Cross vs. The Genie Ignites

What a coincidence that a new movie based on James Patterson’s Alex Cross character and my book trailer are released on the same day. Cross is going to have some tough competition when he goes up against Zubis from The Genie Ignites. I’ve read and enjoyed many of Patterson’s thrillers featuring Alex Cross as the protagonist. Whether Tyler Perry can pull off the rough, tough, and hard-to-bluff fictional detective remains to be seen. Last we saw Perry, he was wearing a blue-rinse wig as Madea. I enjoy Perry’s acting  and the trailer sure does put you on edge (However, I don’t particularly enjoy a villain holding a sharp pruner that close to a woman’s bound fingers).

There are many similarities between the two heroes: Cross is devoted to his wife, determined to stop a killer, ruthless when he has to be. Zubis, too, is devoted to Bethany O’Brien, determined to stop more than one killer who threatens Bethany and, frankly, global security, and ruthless even when he doesn’t have to be. Just because he can. More similarities? Let’s see. Perry wears a dress as Madea. Zubis wore a skirt back in the day…when it was fashionable for men to wear skirts.

I contend that one may depict tension as well as romance, determination as well as sensitivity, exotic locales and fancy threads without all the shooting. Okay, so genies don’t require guns to get the job done (though there are scenes of humans coming at Zubis with guns; so you’ll still get some mayhem). But the panache with which Zubis dispatches his enemies just may tip the scales against Alex Cross. Why don’t you be the judge.  Gratuitous or fortuitous? Practical or mystical? Gore or allure? Cross or Zubis?

Alex Cross starring Tyler Perry:

The Genie Ignites book trailer for your viewing pleasure:

Oh, and you can pick up The Genie Ignites for a mere $3.99. Get yourself some microwave popcorn, snuggle down on your couch, and you just saved yourself $30 minimum at the theater and uncomfortable theater seats.

(That’s what you call “shameless self-promotion.” More about that next week. I don’t think that shame should have anything to do with promoting a book.)

Until next time,

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 Team Zubis
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