“Great job, Kellyann!” ~Michael Tchong, American entrepreneur, best known for founding MacWEEK. (I helped edit his Ubercool website.)

“I know your insight during our developmental edit helped get my excess words out of the way so Mia and Kort’s story could shine. Magnus is finally going to get his chance to fly off into the world of published fiction. I couldn’t be more thrilled.” ~Paula Millhouse, author of Dragonstone and Chalvaren Rising


 “Kellyann is simply the best! Crazy-talented and proficient, she is absolutely valuable to anyone in need of her services. Excellent and highly recommended!” ~Ghostwriting Client

“Great work once again by the freelancer. Job was performed speedily and to a very high standard. Highly recommend. ” — TheExpertEditor

“This is one of the best freelancers I’ve worked with. Great editor. She explained all her corrections, got back in a timely manner and was very professional throughout the process. Even when I had a delay in providing content she was able to meet the original deadline we set. I STRONGLY recommend this freelancer and will be using her services again in the near future. ” — danielletom

“Great work. Very speedily done and top quality. Will be hiring again. ” — TheExpertEditor

Marketing Writing
“Kellyann always gets to the heart of the object and comes through with stellar writing and end product. Will rehire often.” ~CS Public Relations
“Unexpected angelic help and the power of sexual healing add layers of interest, while well-crafted romantic interludes and the use of Arabic phrases and locales lend authenticity and depth.”

~Library Journal

“Between mystical realms, murder, a great love story and a baby with unknown powers, it kept me on the edge of my seat.”  ~Swoon Worthy Books
from A Reader’s Review Blog, April 3, 2013
a readers review header
“The author weaves a complex plot whilst developing and maintaining a hot romance. She has clearly done a great deal of research into the mythology of the Jinn and the customs, history and politics of the Middle East. I liked the way she spins her tale and her world building is excellent. We feel for the heroine throughout and swiftly come to adore Zubis and hope that the couple will find their HEA this time round. I recommend this book to readers of paranormal romance and also those who enjoy romantic suspense with a paranormal twist. The romance between Bethany and Zubis is continued in The Genie Smolders, which is due for release this spring.”
Read the entire review here.
“This story really surprised me. Not because it was intriguing, because I already knew it would be since it was about a genie marrying a human to save her homeland. It surprised me because it was really action-packed, and it didn’t feel like the episode it was. This story is the first out of five episodes, and even though I don’t usually read stories that are made up of short stories/novellas, this one was too unique to resist.” ~Ava & Brianna, Biblio Belles


  • CoffeeTime Romance 4-Cup Review

    “Magically erotic and titillating fun, The Third Wish will grab your attention right off the bat. What a wonderfully crafted world K. F. Zuzulo has created. Once you start reading this story, you will not stop until you have read every page. This is a book that is well worth reading for every romance reader out there.”

     LeeAnn at CoffeeTime Romance

  • Star Light, Blood Bright uses emotions and psychology to get into the mind of the reader. The use of innocent people including a young teenager and the sweet elderly neighbor as the pawns of the villain helps the reader feel the terror and emotional pain Sam feels in the situations she finds herself in…. I would give this story four and a half out of five stars if it had been written as a standalone.”

    Just Another Book Lover Reviews

  • Fallen Angel Reviews 5-Angel Review

    The Third Wish is a very impressive story, filled with plenty of authentic details about the archaeological dig and the social history and the religious beliefs surrounding djinn. As an archaeologist myself, I was impressed by K F Zuzulo’s world-building and the depth of her knowledge. Bridget is a wonderfully sympathetic heroine who struggles with her duty, her rationale and her desires, but it’s Ash who absolutely rules this book. He’s driven and arrogant, yet he changes and begins to learn what it’s like to be human. The Third Wish is a thoroughly enjoyable read.”

    Maija for Fallen Angels Reviews

  • ParaNormal Romance Review

    “A Sexy Wish-Giving Read”

    “THE THIRD WISH is a very fun take on the Jinni in the bottle! Ash is every woman’s wish; tall, strong and knows how to please a girl. Bridget is funny, and I’m very envious of her character. It has a good plot, hot steamy sex scenes and a well worth it read!”

    Missy Brown of ParaNormal Romance.org

  • Book Junkie Reviews

    “Nothing is more surprising and delightful than finding a new genre and a new author to rave about….THE THIRD WISH is a fantasy romance novella and completely captivating….

    from Monday, July 27, 2009

    Brande Waldron, Book Junkie Reviews 

  • “This is the second book from K.F Zuzulo that I have had the pleasure to read and once again, I was not disappointed in Saturnalia. Well actually I was a little, but just by the fact that I wanted MORE! “

    click to read the entire review….

    Book Junkie – Brande Waldron

  • In A Genie in the House of Saud: Zubis Rises K.F. Zuzulo created a wonderful book and did a great job combining two worlds, two times, and two cultures …. There is an aspect of mystery to everything; at some points you can kind of predict what might happen, but then you are handed twists that completely change the outcome. And let me just say, I was not expecting the end at all. AT ALL.”

    Kate Sanders, Book Nymph

  • Zubis Rises is an interesting and unique tale. The characters all have phenomenal chemistry, and the journey they embark on to save the world is exciting. The story being set in the Middle East gave this book a very different cultural vibe, and I’m sure the amount of research that goes into writing a story like this is huge!”

    Reviews by Brooke

Amazon Reader Reviews

An Exciting Read, says Kathleen D’Auria

“This book combines mystery, cultures, and the magic of a genie into a suspenseful adventure. Current day Bethany O’Brien is trying to get on with life in Washington D.C., but finds herself in the middle of a situation that is complicated and strangely familiar. This book reminds me of The Da Vinci Code, as it travels between times, cultures, and ancient codes as Bethany tries to understand what is happening and figure out her next step. You won’t be able to put this book down.”

A Great Read, says Imran Abdul 

“Zubis Rises is an outstanding book that brilliantly blends the ancient and long hidden knowledge of the Djinn with the current religions, politics and world events of today. It is enlightening, entertaining and extremely thought provoking. It reads so smoothly and rings so truthfully that it is obvious to even the most casual reader that the author is extremely well versed in, and familiar with, the subject matter. It is book one of the Zubis trilogy and books two and three will be anxiously awaited.”

The 3rd-Millenium Scherezade, says Robert Robbins

“I couldn’t put the book down until I finished reading it. Ms. Zuzolo is the Scherezade of the third millenium. I can’t wait to read her next book in the series! What makes this book so special is that, in addition to an action-packed story line, the writer exposes us to a new and relevant culture stemming from middle eastern folk-lore and actual writings from the Koran.”

Seductive, says L. Miccio 

This is a fantastic odyssey about an unsuspecting young woman whose life is completely transformed by a seductive genie! The historical references and research done by the author is amazing. “Genie” is unlike anything I’ve ever read and I’d highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a unique thriller with lots of twists and turns!”

 Enthralling, says C. Reginald

“Definitely worth buying. A captivating tale of mysticism amd mystery. It was so refreshing to read something original and not just the same thing everyone on the train is reading. It transported me to distant lands and times. I hated for it to end!”

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